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Welcome Michał J. Wilczewski

The Slavic Department is delighted to announce Professor Michał Wilczewski has accepted a continuing position with the Department, where he has already made such a positive difference in our community.

Michał J. Wilczewski is a historian of modern East-Central Europe who specializes in Poland and Polish culture. At Northwestern, he regularly teaches Polish language, literature, culture, and history courses. He also serves as the faculty advisor of the Polish American Student Alliance (PASA) and is a Faculty Associate for Willard Residential College.

 A historian of everyday life, he is interested in telling the stories of ordinary people and marginalized populations in their quest to gain recognition and access to state power. His current book project entitled Broken Land: Everyday Life and the Reconstruction of the Polish Countryside, 1914-1939, traces the daily activities of rural people in interwar Poland as they rebuilt the countryside and helped build the fledgling state. Focusing on farmers’ everyday experiences—in their homes, fields, schoolhouses, and community centers—Broken Land explains how interwar Poland’s rural dwellers experienced the transition from being imperial subjects to becoming citizens of a nation-state following the Great War.