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Focus on Czech and East European studies

The area of study is designed for students who wish to live and work as professionals in the Czech Republic and students with substantial interest in Czech-related cultural topics and/or the Czech historical experience. Students can combine this major or minor with a thematically related major (e.g. History) or a completely unrelated major or their preprofessional interest (e.g. McCormick School of Engineering, Bienen School of Music, or other Weinberg majors). Some may wish to pursue graduate work in areas related to Czech culture and society and some are simply interested in exploring their heritage.

The Czech focus (Czech Language, Literature, and Culture) is designed to give students fundamental competence in Czech language (optional for the minor) and knowledge of Czech literature and cinema. Students will understand processes of societal integration and disintegration over several generations of changing political, social and cultural regimes. Students will also familiarize themselves with contemporary culture and will develop intercultural communication skills.

This area of study introduces students to one of the major cultural, intellectual and (today) economic centers of what was once known as Eastern Europe. As such, it forms a companion to both literature and language courses in the department and related courses offered in other departments. It works in tandem with the NU study abroad program in Prague (either as preparatory work prior to study abroad or as an opportunity for further exploration afterwards).

The focus gives students an opportunity to explore the works of some of the major figures in Czech culture, including authors such as Jaroslav Hašek and Milan Kundera, intellectuals such as Jan Patočka, Václav Havel and Karel Čapek, and filmmakers like Miloš Forman and Jan Švankmajer.

Sample/Suggested classes

4 courses at the 200 level:
4 courses at the 300 level:
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