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Study Polish with Professor Wilczewski

Now is the perfect time to take Polish Studies courses at Northwestern! Between the Slavic Department’s rich course offerings in Polish language, literature, culture, film, and history, and Chicago's deep Polish cultural heritage, there are so many opportunities to embrace and connect with Polish culture. One of my goals is to use Chicago, a city with a long history of Polish migration, as a laboratory for understanding Polish culture. This means taking students to visit important Polish-American landmarks like the Polish Museum of America, the Chopin Theatre, and the Copernicus Center, working closely with the Polish American community on shared initiatives, and, of course, sharing a delicious meal at some of the city’s Polish restaurants. At the same time, as we build Northwestern’s connections with Polish universities, we will be able to bring scholars from Poland to campus and send our students there to study abroad. Most importantly, I want to encourage students to consider taking Polish language courses. Poland has one of the fastest growing markets in East-Central Europe, it boasts some fantastic medical schools, and has a remarkable history that is worth studying and understanding. Knowing Polish will help you engage with an incredible culture and people, and learning the language is the first step to making connections that could last you for the rest of your life.