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Angel Estevez

Angel Estevez was born in Mirny, the Republic of Sakha – Yakutia, Russia. He attended Lyceum № 1502 in Moscow, where his love for literature solidified during lectures on Russian Classical Literature. He received his B.A. in Biochemistry from Duquesne University’s Honors College, completing the program in three years. Post-graduation, he worked at a retail pharmacy as a technician for 6 years. With the help of career coaching and Russian book discussions with his polyglot friend, Angel surrendered to his unceasing love, resulting in his pursuit of a Ph.D. at Northwestern University’s Slavic Department. Angel’s current interest lies in examining Queer Russian Literature of the XX and XXI centuries. He wants to examine the formation and features of queer fictional characters against the background of Russian reality, russkaya deystvitel’nost’. In addition, he would like to extend his research to Cuban Queer writings. He is curious to juxtapose them with their Russian counterparts, taking into account political and intellectual intertwinement.